F2f Class Notes 3rd March (Rab)

To let you all enjoy the big party – and to join you all in our big party

Lead – pronunciation – l-ee-d – “ee” sound

We would like to award – we would like to reward you considerable/excellent contribution to our company

We will award the prizes

We will reward your effort – maybe just avoid award and go for present

I would now like to invite to the

To present the awards I would like to invite to the stage …..
To present the awards I have the pleasure to welcome our head of HR to the stage

We can to present the award – we can present the award

Next we would like to….because we would like to commend your outstanding performance this year

Inciteful – with clarity and truth, interesting and clever

You are not true – you are not honest

The best dressing prize – the best dressed prize

Give the rose to which people – to which person

In usual – usually