F2F Class Notes 31st July (Jesse)

“for the better half of the year” = most of the year

i found something very stupid about me -…. silly about myself 

dumb – 1
stupid – 3
idiot – 2
silly – 0

take a planmake a plan

we talk abouttalked (past)

take a message backsend a message back / reply to a message

to come to a realisation 

One of his good friends was Jean Genet, he wrote some very insightful and well written articles about Giacometti and his work. Jean Genet was not saying how great Giacometti’s work was but rather was recording their conversation and the emotions and realisations that Jean came to. It is the feeling he can show / share and we can feel / sense. It is also a feeling for me that I can never know how to describe. The writer may have understood the meaning of the artwork but he did not dive/dig down deep / really get into the meaning of it, so It is something I can get / understand / comprehend / take on board a little bit but not fully.

I become quite interested in Jean Genet so I looked / which lead me to look for information about him and was totally shocked by his introduction. 


 He was abandoned by his parents when he was very young. He developed terrible behaviors. He travelled as homeless people, he became a thief can got caught many times. He even prostituted himself. I never know anyone like him became a world famous writer.

I read the introduction of his novel the thief’s journal. He basically wrote all the dirty things he had done, he was totally truth and calm to himself. It is like he was talking about someone else. No hiding, no secret, make you face with all these dark side of society and humanity at that time. It makes me to compare the Giacometti’s sculpture with Jean’s novel. They all try to find somethings inside human, the fragile lonely pain of human. Make it in the public and make us look directly at them.