F2F class notes 30th JuLY (Ben)

What do they buy from you ?
They buy a membership to a community for old people.
They rent a place in a retirement home.

She adopted a dog from the streets.

Do you like dogs? Yes, I like THEM.

PlayING with them for a long time is hard work for me.

If a verb is used as a subject or an object, you should add “-ing”

Shopping is a lot of girls like.–>
A lot of girls like shopping.
Shopping is liked by a lot of girls. (not very common)

Active voice 主动
Passive voice 被动

Positive 肯定
Negative 否定

The parents and their children ARE independent.

Old –> oldER (more polite)
older, senior, elderly

What do you call an older person?
I think an older person is someone over 60.

HOW do you call an older person?
You can call them “Mr Wang”

The average life expectancy in China is 76.

expect 期待
There is a gap of 12 years between men and women