F2F Class Notes 30th June (Peter)


This morning I review a little – this morning, I reviewed a little

Yesterday notes – yesterday’s notes


Context – other information, 上下文

In front of – 前面

Behind – 后面

Beside/Next to – 旁边

Left of – 左边

Right of – 右边

Near – 很近

Far from – 很远

Inside of – 里面

Outside of – 外面

Above – 上面

Below/Underneath – 下面

Circle – a round shape (○)


There, their, and they’re (same pronunciation).

­­­___taking ___ books over ___.

They’re taking their books over there.


Study (STUH-dee, two syllables)

Underneath (un-durr-NEETH)

Above (uh-BUV)

Below (bih-LOW)

Circle (SIR-kull)

When the letter “C” is before an “I/Y” or an “E,” it is pronounced like an “S.” So, “circus” is pronounced (SIR-kiss), and the word “bicycle” is pronounced (BYE-sih-kull).