F2F Class Notes 2nd July (Jesse)


eg. take the stairs up 

eg2. take the stairs down 

go upstairs / take the stairs up

it is upstairs / it is downstairs  

lobby – xiu xi shi 

tell Penny to sit in the lobby, and I will come to get her


I will come to get her = tell you to come

I will go to get a coffee = go and buy 

I will go home to get a book = go and pick up 

I will get angry if you are bad = become

I will get married this year = become

I will get to the office in 10 minutes = arrive 

Get lost! = go away = zou kai 

in = inside (room) 

at = zai (place) 

let’s have class for 3 quarters of an hour 


15 = a quarter of an hour

30 = half an hour

45 = 3 quarters of an hour 

60 = an hour 

75 = an hour and a quarter

90 = an hour and a half

120 = 2 hours 


when I am in xuhui, I am very happy


I am in xuhui, which makes me very happy 




some day I went to study English. my english school is in jingan temple. I take the bus to xujiahui which is on the way to jingan. then I arrived at the english school and I heard upstairs had renovations which was very loud. I arrived in xujiahui and I think people are all are going to different places, then I go to take the subway which is in front of me. 

Can you introduce yourself to me? 

My name is Penny, I’m an 18 year old Chinese student and I will go to university which is in ChangNing Temple in Shanghai to study clothing design. 

Where are you from? 

I’m from Zhejiang province which is a place south of Shanghai. 

North = bei – Never

East = dong – Eat 

South = nan – Soft 

West = xi – Watermelon