F2F Class Notes 2nd July (Jesse)

energetic – full of energy 

eg. i like working with energetic people 

i go to xinjiangi went 

i found that xijiang was really beautiful – i realised / noticed / discovered that xijiang was really beautiful 

travel teamtour group / group 

eg. I travelled with a group

i needn’t to worry – I don’t need to worry

there got a company that is goodthere is a company there

“off the beaten track” – to go sightseeing/travelling to a non-commercial place

eg. i love travelling off the beaten track

a woman which was 50 years old – who

far from civilisation – far from any organised group of people / markets 

cabin – a small house in the wild 

tent – for camping

evaporate – zhen fa

eg. the water evaporates before it hits the ground 

volcano – huo shan

erupt (v) – when the fire / lava comes out of a mountain 

melt – when ice becomes water

eg. your shoes will melt as soon as you touch the ground

xi you ji – journey to the west 

“i don’t want to jinx it” – i don’t want to say it in case it doesn’t come true 

beard – the whole thing 

moustache – the top part

bun – when you put your hair up in a round ball 

eg. man-buns are really popular these days