F2F Class Notes 29th June (Peter)


I can’t to know what smell it is – I can’t figure out what it smells like

It’s very different English, Chinese, Arabic – English, Chinese, and Arabic are very different

I don’t often to go shopping – I don’t go shopping often/I don’t often go shopping

If I’m go shopping – if I go shopping

Most of man – most men

You don’t get sleep enough – you didn’t get enough sleep

I take one hour – it takes one hour

Just my and my colleagues – just me and my colleagues



Cologne – perfume for men

Fruity – smelling like fruit

Arabic – 阿拉伯语

Phonetic – based on sound

Ex. The Arabic writing system is phonetic, but the Chinese writing system is character-based.

Online – 网上

In-person – not online

Stereotype – something that people believe about a group of people (noun),

Ex. The belief that all men hate shopping is a stereotype because some men like shopping.

Short-term – for a short period of time

Long-term – for a long period of time

Twice – two times


Cologne (kuh-LOAN)

Arabic (AIR-uh-bick)

Phonetic (fin-ET-ick)

Opinion (uh-PIN-yin)

Women (WIH-min)

Woman (WUH-min)

District (DISS-trickt)