F2F Class Notes 24 Mar (Trista)

I just come back yesterday


Layover (n)– when you stop at another airport before your destination

I had a 6 hour layover in Hong Kong.

Stopover – a long layover- usually a day or longer so you can see the city quickly

We arrive in the south of Taiwan

We flew into the south part of Taiwan

Then we arrive our hotel 5:30pm

Arrived at

Did you ask how to get here from your home?

Did you ask her for directions here from your home?

Why must you behave in this way? – very proper

Why are you acting like this? – regular

Why you gotta be like that? – very informal / bad grammar

Pretentious – when you act/think you are better than others

I am very pretentious about what beer I like to drink.

He speaks in such a pretentious way.

He is pretentious about everything. He’s very pretentious about what he knows.

Choosy / Picky – selective / critical (can be slightly positive, neutral or negative depending on the context)

He is a picky eater.

She is picky about what she wears / about her clothes

Credit card – money you borrow and then pay back

Debit card – money in your bank account

Congestion (n.) (con jesh tchun)

I have a lot of congestion from my cold.

Congested – stuck, not moving – traffic / nose

Sorry I was late today

Sorry for my lateness today

Sorry that I arrived late today

Sorry I was tardy

Sorry for my tardiness