F2F Class Notes 24 Mar (Trista)


Maybe it will not such great impact –

Maybe it will not have such a great impact on….

The second high score

The second highest score

She ask me I’m passed or failed

She asked me if I passed or failed

How to say…

How to say that…

How to say it…

Whats the word….

 I’m not performance so well in my high school

I didn’t perform so well in high school

I got about 100 score than my practice test prior

I scored about 100 points higher than on my practice test I took prior

Or you just want to another university

Or you just want to go to another univ

You must pay much money than the government owned school

You must pay much more money than….

Lottery – when random numbers are chosen to decide something

For example, many students want to attend the same school, so to make it fair each student will get a number and then the school will randomly choose numbers without knowing who they have chosen.

First come, first serve

Star Sign / Zodiac – Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer, etc.

Whats your star sign?

Whats your sign?

I’m a Leo

Self-fulfilling Prophesy – when your attitude about what you can/ can’t do becomes true