F2F Class Notes 23rd February (Celeste)[W]***


Listen to the recording 2-3 times of the edited story below. Match the sounds. Be prepared to read the story again in your next class.

Writing Homework: Write a short paragraph about your other favorite country, Sweden. Upload it to the website.

Writing exercise

Australian is one of my favourite country, however, I have never been there. it’s a palce where has clear air and beautiful scenry . I like the climate over there. The climate is warm all year around. Also I Like its environment . for example , sydeny ,it’s an international large city, however, unlike china ,its city center and shoppingmall is crowdy whilst the other area has few people . people like walking in the path , enjoying the good time . I like its scenry spot , the great barrier reef , Sydney Opera House and the Gold Coast, the Gold Coast which is a good place for surfing and resort . I like its animal , kangaroo, koala. it’s Australian unique animal ,I’ve just seen it on TV . in general , its a fantastic place.


Australia is one of my favourite countries, however, I have never been there. It’s a place where there is clear air and beautiful scenery. I like Australia’s climate which is warm all year round. Also I like its environment. For example, Sydney, is a large international city where the city center and shopping malls are busy but everywhere else is not. However, unlike China, everywhere in the large cities is crowded.  People in Australia are carefree, they walk with ease  and enjoy their time. I like its tourist spots, the Great Barrier Reef , Sydney Opera House and the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a good place for surfing and relaxing at its resorts. I like Australia’s unique animals like kangaroos and koalas but I’ve only seen them on TV. In general , its a fantastic place.


northern / southern / eastern / western hemisphere 

hemi – half

sphere – ball

Equator ( ee – kway – ter ) – divides the earth into northern and southern hemispheres

carefree adj. – to not have any cares

eg. Children are carefree because they don’t have any responsibilities.