F2F Class Notes 21st June (Harmony) [3]


I called several phone calls – I made several phone calls




Garage (geh – raj) (garr – edg)




What is your eyesight?/ What is your prescription?

  • Minus 4 each eye.

Contacts:  glasses that you wear in your eyes.

Eg.  When I wear contacts I wear minus 5.25 and 5.50.

Judge my eyesightget them tested again.

Recently I Less watchrecently I use less electronics

To look more green things – to look at more green things

Are they also have – do they also have?

I can’t see what computers write – I can’t see the words on the computer/a computer


My glasses

Your glasses

The glasses

Those glasses

These glasses


Prescription sunglasses:  sunglasses that have your eyesight prescription built into them.


Clothes – 1 syllable.  – not clothses


Open toe heel:  a woman’s shoe that is like a sandal with a heel!

Wedges:  a shoe that the heel is all one piece.

Chunky heel:  a bigger heel.

Ballerina slippers = flats

Kitten heel:  short heels.