F2F Class Notes 20th June (Jesse)

i know how you are here?

do you notice how (the way) he speaks slowly?

The software Asset Management Initiative(SAMI) is a comprehensive and ongoing program to implement industry best practices in the way we acquire, manage and retire software licenses

It’s not a thing that you can do it, the worlds need to change.

It’s nothing that you can do it, the world needs to change.

it’s not a thing you can do, it’s the world that needs to change. 

As of yesterday, I have saved all these documents you sent to me.

business practices = things we do that are standard 

at / on / in – time

let / get / make 

let = allow – sb want to do it, so say “ok”

eg. i let my son play his new toy

get = ask – sb doesn’t mind, so expect them to do

eg. i get my son to wash his hands before dinner

make = force – sb don’t want to do it, so push 

eg. i make my son do his homework