F2F Class Notes 20th June (Jesse)

have you been – past time (general)



eg. how have you been recently? 

egA. I have been good recently

did you go / were you – past time (specific)




eg. what did you do yesterday? 

egA. I studied english yesterday at SE

who did you have class with? 

how do you know?

how did you go to work? 

how were/are/is/was/are you?

you are good

how was it? 

it was good

pronunciation – fa ying 

get ready – zhun bei

Today I woke up at 9am, which I think is very early, because I wanted to go shopping to buy some clothes. Then I brushed my teeth, washed my face and put on a dress to get ready for going out to the mall. After that, I ate bread for my breakfast which was very tasty. Then I went out to go shopping at a mall called ganghui in xujiahui. I wanted to buy a white dress for a party that is for my friend’s birthday and I want to look nice. Next, I took the 956 bus to go to the mall from my home. It took 1 hour to take the bus and I arrived at the mall at 1pm. First, I looked at clothes and I thought one dress looked very nice, so I tried it on and then I bought it. Then I had a coffee with my friend which was delicious / really fun. Next I took the bus (to go) home. This has been a good day so far.

that / which = very similar 

eg. i have a computer that is good / that I use every day

eg2. i have a computer which is good / which I use every day 

it takes 1 hour to get to SE from my home / to arrive at SE from my home 

I spend 1 hour to get to SE from my home 

i have a teacher called / named Jesse 

i read a book named / called “a story of a boy”