F2F Class Notes 20th July (Celeste)

Topic: Lotus flowers, seeds, pods, leaves

[ ow ns ] – measurement of weight

raw – *** please remember to open your mouth for the ‘aw’, uncooked/natural

calories [ cal er ees ]

cholesterol [ kuh lest er ol ] – comes from animal tissue/meat

protein [ pro teen ]

calcium [ cal see um ] – vitamin found in milk and milk products

versatile [ ver suh tile ] adj. – multi functional
eg. Carol is a versatile team member to her department.

herpes [ her pees ] n. – kind of disease

embryos [ M bree O s ] n. – early stages of development of animals/humans

pathogenic [path uhh jen ic ] – capable of producing disease

sweet foods – sweets (candy) / desserts

crunchy adj. – the feeling of eating something hard like an apple/chicken feet/cartilage

You can feel the smell from the lotus leaf.You can taste the flavor/essence/a hint of the lotus leaf.

harvest v. – to collect the crops (vegetables and fruits) when they are ripe