F2F Class notes 20th July (Eddie)

acronym =

POV = point of view

POW = prisoner of war

POS = point of sale

POB = place of birth

PIN = personal identification number

tbc = to be confirmed

ytd = year to date

diy = do it yourself

abbreviation =

Government – Gov’t, app (application), pls (please), Sec’y (secretary), doc (doctor), adj (adjective), adv (adverb)

brief =

audio = which can be heard

video = which can be seen

audiobook = a version of a book that we listen to as opposed to read

big deal                  = an important thing
not a big deal       = an unimportant thing


I lost my wallet, but it’s no big deal. It was empty.

This was the first time I talked to my big boss since I started this job.

This was the first time in a long time (that) I talked to my big boss.

After our conversation, I realized (that) he was not a bad person.

verbal warning =

written warning =

Easier said than done.