F2F Class Notes 1st April (Jesse)

stuff – shi qing – “stuf”

staff – yuan gong – “starf”

do you have anything special you’d like to do today?

special stuff….

wales (country) / welsh (people)

England Ireland Scotland Wales

it tastes not good it tastes bad 

it tastes good / bad

it doesn’t taste good / it really doesn’t taste good at all

i don’t like girls who wear strong makeup and perfume. it’s like they are wearing a mask so i can’t see their real face.

hide – make something not seen

my colleagues are both boys and girls, and they don’t wear strong makeup.

someone who is like this girl

eyeliner – on your eyes makeup

mascara – jie mao gao

eyelashes – jie mao

eyebrows – mei mao

lipstick – dry and sticky

lipgloss – wet and shiny

chapstick – dry and for boys + girls

eg. i don’t wear lipgloss