F2F Class Notes 19 June (Peter)


The night haven’t startthe night hasn’t started yet

Last for long – last for a long time

Die for soon – die quickly

Particular – particularly

Grow to height of – grow to a height of

It make me think of my home – they remind me of home

Literatures – literature

They not only studied, but also… – not only did they study, but they also…*

*Note: if we put “not only” at the beginning, we are emphasizing that more than one thing is happening. If we put “not only” in the middle of the sentence, we are emphasizing the importance of the second thing. This is a flexible rule.

In Spring festival – during Spring festival

Proctor examexam proctor

It would be very embarrassed – it would be very embarrassing

Memorize family members – commemorate family members

In most occasions – at most occasions

A lot of flower basket – a lot of flower baskets



Potted – inside of a pot

Ex. I prefer to buy potted flowers.

Lilly – a kind of flower

Bush – low-growing plants

Art – most often refers to visual works like paintings or drawings, but it can also mean 艺术. Saying “the arts” refers to music, painting, writing, etc. altogether. The two categories are usually the arts and sciences.

Poetry – a style of writing,诗

Poet – the person who writes poetry, 诗人

Admire – in reference to a person, it means to respect. In reference to anything else, it means to appreciate.

Memorize – 熟记

Commemorate – 缅怀


Although it is possible to talk about single flowers, most of the time people use the plural form.

Ex. “My favorite flowers are roses” instead of “my favorite flower is a rose.”

The word “literature” is never used in its plural form.


Shape vs Sharp

Character (CARE-uck-turr)

Chrysanthemum (krih-SAN-thuh-mum)