F2F Class Notes 16th January (Jesse)


1: personality (uncountable)
2: role in a story
3: letter / number / symbol

characters – role + letter number symbol

familiar – like family / you have experience with it but maybe unsure exactly of who / what it is
eg. his name is familiar to me but I can’t quite remember what his name is
eg2. Chinese is really familiar to me because I use it every day

similar – comparing two things and that they have a little difference
eg. these 2 boys are similar because they are twins

style = for creative stuff
eg. she likes my style but my technique isn’t very good / technical ability isn’t very high

technical ability / technique

capture the feeling – expression (art / speaking / writing ….)
eg. I love your photos because I feel like they capture the emotion of the subjects

she can told me – she can tell me

questions – problems – DIFFERENT!

depth of field = aperture
shutter speed 

eg. I’m good at framing for closeup shots

she posted some photos on wechat – pengyou quan

veil = “vay el” – tou sha

the bund – wai tan

came up to her – walked close to her
eg. i just went up to him and asked him to dance

they will feel ke lian = they will feel sad / disappointed / sorry for me