F2F Class notes 15th June (Eddie)

electric scooter = a scooter which is powered by electricity

kick scooter = a scooter which is powered by the rider

to charge v. = to put electricity in a battery.

interest n. = a liking, or a preoccupation towards something
interest n. = an amount of money which is added to the amount borrowed.

to be in charge = to be responsible for something, to lead on something (boss)

At my company, I am in charge of Sales.

to charge v. = to ask for a certain price for a service or a product

E.g. He is a very expensive doctor. He charges Y5k an hour.
My electric scooter has a battery. After I ride it, I have to charge it. I have to find an outlet and plug it in for about 5 hours. Then it’s ready to go again. On a full battery, I can ride it for about 30 kilometers.

pension [pen shun] = an amount of money which is received every month by a retired person.

borrow =/= lend

The person who lends, gives the money / object.
The person who borrows, receives/takes the money / object.

1. Can I borrow Y100 from you?
2. Can you lend me Y100?

Q: Who decides how fast the car goes?
A: The person who drives, decides how fast the car goes.

Q: Who hires new people at your company?
A: The person who is in charge of HR hires new people.

irregular verbs

talk – talked
work – worked


do                      – did             – done
swim                – swam         – swum
fly                     – flew            –  flown
break               – broke         – broken
run                  – ran             – run
sleep               – slept          – slept
fall                  – fell             – fallen
drive              – drove        – driven

in a row

I learned a lot of useful words in a row.
I worked for 12 hours in a row
I drove for 12 hours in a row.
I failed five exams in a row.
My favorite team won 22 games in a row.