F2F Class Notes _15th Jun (Harmony)


Homework:   watch the movie “the big short”






kilter (kill – ter):  good condition/order.

off kilter/out of kilter: unbalanced/ not in good condition/ disorder.

Eg.  The air conditioner is out of kilter.

Cheapness of borrowing = the low interest rates

Odds:  probability that sth will occur/ is more likely to occur than sth else.

Eg.  Betting/gambling/ investing/weather

Eg.  The odds are that it will rain today.

Eg.  Odds are that blah blah team will lose in tomorrows game.

“in record high”:the highest it’s ever been.

Eg.  The temperature is reaching a record high this weekend.

Record low:  the lowest it’s ever been.

Eg.  My weight is reaching a record low.


allegations:  accusations/ to accuse someone without proof. To start a rumour.

Eg.  There are allegations that Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.

“cut ties”:  to end the relationship.

Falsified:  to make false/ to lie

Eg.  There were rumours/accusations that they lied about borrowers income.

Peddled/peddle/ peddling:  to sell small goods from location to location. (kind of pushy)


Peddler:  a nicer way to say homeless person. (the people selling flowers in the metro station.)

Borne:  to bring forth/ to produce.

Tone:  a sound.

Tone of voice:  the way you say something (angry/happy/ excited)

Racist tones:  it sounds kind of racist.

All the same = whether it’s Chinese people or not, the problem exists.

Demolish/Demolished/demolishing:  torn down/knocked down.

Eg.  If you want to build on that piece of land, you will have to demolish the pre-existing structure.