F2F Class notes 11th July (Eddie)

meet = first time

see = one time

Nice to meet you.                       = first time

Nice to see you (again).           = not the first time

Q: When did you get here?
A: About two minutes ago.

Q1: When did you start at SE?
Q2: How long have you been coming to SE?
Q3: When was the first time you came here?

A1: About two weeks ago. I started at SE about two weeks ago.
A2: I have been coming to SE for two weeks.
A3: I first came here on June 27.

at    6 a.m., midnight, noon
on   Saturday, my birthday, Christmas Day
in   July, summer, 2012

Today afternoon I went to the gym to have a… – This afternoon I went to the gym.

sweat n (sounds like pet)= the water our bodies put out when it is too hot or when we exercise

sweet adj (sounds like feet) = the taste of candy

On average =

compound = an enclosed area such as a residential area (a quarter)

1. I have been standing here for two hours. My feet are killing me!

(I started standing here two hours ago and I am still standing here now. This action is still ongoing.)

2. Yesterday I stood there for two hours. My feet were killing me.
(The action of standing is now finished.)

am / are

was / were

have + been



have + seen