F2F Class Notes 10th December (Tony)


subsidiaries – a smaller company owned by a larger company  eg: “Loreal has many subsidiaries in China.”

micellar water – like a makeup remover

ultra doux – all natural hair care products.


this series of products is new this year

these products are new this year.


the next item I want to discuss for the action plan


Do a monthly review of the OOS (out of stock reasons) reasons with the commercial team.

They are not willing to do it.

Improve the cooperation with the supply chain department of key customers.

the key customers’ supply chain departments.

Follow up and conduct regular supply chain reviews.

I will also give some details about the action plan for five key customers.

accounting for about 20%


Distribute (dis tri-bUte)

distributor – (dis tribut er)

Garnier – (Gar Nee yay)