Email Service Notes 11th January (Tony)

Writing exercise

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My Daily Life

Every morning my baby wakes me up, she is like an alarm clock. Sometimes she plays games by herself, sometimes she cries for my attention.
If she cries I must get up quickly and change her diaper and then nurse. I open the window to look at the weather and I check the weather report online.

If it’s good weather we will go out and enjoy the sunshine. Sunshine is helpful and important for a baby ‘s bone growth.

After 1 to 2 hours of outdoor activities, I need to go back home and prepare snacks, such as carrots or pumpkin pulp.

I would be very lucky if she can eat much more, but always she eats so little.

After finishing her snacks, she will sleep about 1 to 2 hours.

After she wakes up, I change her diaper and do the nursing ,playing and let her sleep.

I am so tired but ready to deal with everything.