VIP Class Notes (Tony)


I very like

I really like them.

I really like it

I really like necklaces.

when my friend’s birthdays are coming, I used to ask them what would you like to have, I will buy it for you.  – when my friend’s birthdays are coming, I used to ask them, “What do you want for your birthday.” I will get it for you.

I know when their birthday is

wouldwhat someone said or thought about what was going to happen or be done

eg: I said I would come to Shanghai.

eg: I thought my chief would be angry with me this afternoon. And he was.

wouldused with have to talk about something that did not happen or was not done

eg: I would’ve won if they didn’t cheat.

eg: I wouldn’t have come if I missed the subway.

stylist – the person who creates your hairstyle

eg: The stylist cut it like this, but I wanted it longer.

vitamins – natural substances often found in food, that your body needs to survive and be healthy

eg: Vegetables have have the most vitamins and nutrients.

greeting cards – cards for special occasions, when you want to congratulate someone or wish them well

eg: I really love getting and sending cards.

post card – like a greeting card, but doesn’t need any occasion, just to say hello

eg: I always buy post cards and never mail them.

So, since you’re a real doctor, how realistic do you think this show is?

I think it’s very realistic, except most doctors are busier than those doctors. And I have more patients than those doctors.


I asked for a leave this afternoon.

I thought you cut it even shorter. (more short from before)

I said don’t to be short. – I said don’t make my hair too short.


These – Deez / TheeZ

This – Dis

This is – This’s / thi Siz

This is mine, This is not yours.

14 – fourTEEN

40 fourD