OpenF2F Class Notes 3rd March (Celeste)

I just be back in Shanghai. –  I just arrived in Shanghai. I just came back to Shanghai.

I had some friends in there. – I have some friends there.

I found the food of Henan very yummy. – I found the Henan food very yummy.

roll – remember like a sushi roll

The red dates are born from Hunnan. – The red dates are from/grown in Henan.

Henan ships their famous red dates everywhere in China.

export – send goods out

Ex: China exported a lot of foods to other countries.

import – receive goods

Ex: Chinese often import some seafood from Korea.

From your reading

trick or treat – we say this during halloween when we knock on the doors

eg. we went trick or treating from 6pm to 9pm

bucket – used for carrying water
can – US
bin – UK
garbage – US
rubbish – UK
drenched / soaked – covered in water
eg. the rain drenched me because I had no umbrella