OpenF2F Class Notes 22 Mar (Trista)

 Must to


Have to

Cuisine vs. Food

Eat your food! Don’t waste your food!

I love Chinese cuisine = I love all the foods in China

What’s your favorite cuisine? = which country/place do you like their food the most?

What’s your favorite food? = 1) fav. Cuisine 2) food item/dish

Many kinds of cooking foundations


Suan – sour

Cu – vinegar

Suan la fen – sour and spicy clear noodles (not sure if there is a different English name)

Da suan – garlic

Clear – no color

Hot pot – huo guo

They use charcoal, not electricity.  (black wood)

Nan gua – pumpkin

Nan guo –traditional style of hot pot that uses charcoal

Smoke – yan

I have come here to learn English in a short time. I have a few classes for ten days last. Before I was nerves very much but now this situation is change a little. I think if I can learn more new words I will not nerves. I always feel tired after I worded all day. So I always think I have many time to come here for study. This mind is wrong but I always couldn’t change my mind ha ha.

I have come here to learn English for a short time. I only have ten days left to take class. Before I was very nervous but now this situation has changed a little. I think if I can learn more new words I will not be nervous. I always feel tired after I work all day, so I always think I have a lot of time to come here to study. This idea is wrong but I always can’t change my mind ha ha.

verb reason
to visit
noun reason
for visiting 
eg. i come to SE to learn English / for learning English

will do something in (after) 1 year