F2F Class Notes 22 Mar (Trista)

On 9th april

On the 9th of April

On April 9th

The second week of April

In early April

Their English is better than me

Their English is better than me

They speak English better than me (I do)

I want more blanket – blankets

We have one day have fun

We have one day for having fun

We have one day to go have fun

We have one free day

Maybe we will go shopping to watch store

Maybe we will go shopping at a watch store.

Maybe we will go shopping at my boss’s friend’s watch store and they will give us some discounts.

They can give us some sales


They might have a sale.

How to say –

How to say that….

How do you say that….

What’s the word?…

Also have one day to shopping

We also have one day to shop

To go shopping

Have you been abroad before?

Checking into a hotel-

Lobby – front area

Front Desk/ Counter –

Do you have a reservation? = did you reserve a room here?

What name is the reservation under? – tell them the name you gave for the room

Do you have the confirmation number? – number the hotel gives you to show you bought it

Do you have the credit card you booked the room under?

Sorry, the credit card I booked the room under was stolen/ is lost, can I please use another card?

Do you need a wake up call?

Room service –

The waiter to knock your door and maybe clean room

When the waiter knocks on your door to bring you food.


The people who clean your room


Sorry to disturb you…

Colleagues – tong shi

Colleges – da xue

My colleague will arrive later today to share the room with me. Their name is _____. Can you keep a key for them up here?