OpenF2F Class Notes 17th May (Celeste)***

Next class topic: find appropriate questions to ask university professors about the school/courses/area while Sunny and her daughter visit Chicago for an art summer camp

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via = by

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Thanks for replying quickly

extrovert – sb who is outgoing/social


About my travel l thought almost everything is prepared: Air Tickets,Rooms … But my purpose is help my daughter to choose one university she will study 2year late. I don’t know what kinds of question are proper to ask. Such as: how should she focus on?  What leave she is? Could you give she some suggestion?


I think my trip is almost planned. / I think everything is prepared for my trip like, plane tickets / airfare, rooms … My main purpose for going to the USA this summer is to help my daughter choose the university that she will study at in 2 years. I don’t know what kinds of questions are appropriate to ask her future professors.

Such as:

While she is finishing high school, which subjects should she focus on? For example, painting, designing… 

What level is she?

Could you give her some suggestions?

What does your daughter like? What is she interested in? What inspires her?