F2F Class Notes 17th May (Jesse)

i got up at 10oclock and then i ate breakfast at 11oclock. I think it’s very good because i liked it. I drank orange juice which was good because it was sweet. 


eg. i have a computer which is black. 

eg. I study at SE in Shanghai which is in China. 

 i have a computer. It is black. 

everyday I drink coffee = everyday I drink coffee

i drink coffee often but not everyday

i drink coffee often but I don’t drink coffee everyday. 

i do this < > i don’t do this

i have a lot of money < > i don’t have a lot of money 

are you adj/ a noun? yes i am / yes he is 

do you verb? yes i do


which computer do you like? 


what tv show do you like? 


how do you know

i studied English

i come here on the train

i study with a foreigner  


why do you study english

because i want to travel 


who is he/she/it/that? 

he is my father


when do you get up?

i get up at 10

i study from 3:40 until 4:20


where do you live? 

i live in shanghai 


at – time / place (at 5pm at starbucks)

eg. i am at starbucks every day at 5pm 

on – day / table / bus / train 

eg. i am on the train on Monday to Friday

in – long time / big place / inside 

eg. in 2015 i lived in Australia