OpenF2F Class Notes 17th August (Celeste)

What did you eat for lunch?

My lunch is business food.

There are a lot of different dishes. You can choose it. This restaurant is only for staff.
staff restaurant – cafeteria / staff dining room

eg. I worked on the island today so I ate at the cafeteria.

I chose a fish, chicken, potato and green beans.
I chose a fish dish, a chicken curry with potatoes, and green beans.

Does that make sense? = Do you understand?

sincere personality
She is direct. – She says whatever she’s thinking about.

When I think something, I want to say it out loud. I don’t want hide my true thoughts or feelings.

She plants/grows corn and wheat.

My mother is a farmer ,just like most of famers, she is a simple woman. I remember she plants crops with wheat in winter and corn、peanut、sweat potato and bean in summer that are all of my liked for every year. After harvest , my mom would sold a part of wheat and corn to crop company. But nowadays, she didn’t planting for few years. She have a lot of time to do something she liked, but she still do a lot of works to get better his children’s life

My mother was a farmer, just like most of the farmers, she is a simple woman. I remember she plants crops like/for example, wheat in the winter and corn, peanuts, sweet potatoes and beans in the summer, those are all of my favorites. After the harvest , my mom would sell a some/portion/percentage of the wheat and corn to some agriculture companies. But nowadays, she hasn’t planted for a few years. She has a lot of time to do some things she wants/likes, but she still does a lot of work/jobs to give her children a better life.