Open + Review 7th November (Tanya) [1]

treadmill – a machine you can run on

e.g. Lina has a a treadmill and she runs on it every day.

cognition – the process through which you learn things

e.g. Regular exercise is key in achieving better cognition. For example: the more you go jogging, the better your retention will be.

retention – keeping something in your memory, how well you remember something

e.g. If Lina learned all the capitals of all the countries in the world last year and she still remembers it today, this would mean that Lina has very good retention.

to bolt out –  to hurry out of somewhere

e.g. Sometimes Lina wakes up too late and she has to bolt out of her apartment as fast as possible to make it in time for work.

incentive – your reason for doing something

e.g. Lina’s incentive for studying English is that she wants to go abroad.

component – a part of something (material)

e.g. In Legoland, all the lego buildings are built out of different lego components.

baffled – very surprised

e.g. Tanya was baffled when Lina told her she’s 30. She couldn’t believe it

to commute – to travel from home to work

e.g. Lina’s commute is only 20 minutes, so she lives very close to her work.

suburb – an outlying, residential area of a city

e.g. Tanya lives in Baoshan, which is basically a suburb of Shanghai.

subtle – not obvious

e.g. Miya has a Givenchy bag, but the logo is very subtle, so you can’t tell what brand the bag is.

residential – relating to a residence (a home)

e.g. Suburbs are usually residential areas.

to streamline something – to make something more efficient


The people live in the big city… – The people that live in the big city…