Open F2F Class Notes_25th May (Harmony)[3]

3: Technique: Grammar/Pro: review + free talk on topic (focus on errors)

praised (prayzd)

today they invite 4 companies – …invited 4 companies…

the only pity thing –the only bad part was no one asked me any follow up questions.

follow up: (noun/adj.) to follow up/ to check on.  Anything that happens after an initial situation.

eg.  I went to the doctor for a test, next week I will go for a follow up. 

eg.  After I asked my colleagues for their help, I will need to follow up on their progress.

the speaker/ the man who gave a speech

one of the company is – one of the companies is a technology…

technology (tech – nal – uh – gee) 4

tech – knowledge

eg.  That man has a lot of tech – knowledge. 

eg. that man has a lot of technology. 

technological (tech – no – loj – ih – cull)

eg.  His work is very technological. 

they have buy some ideas of my presentationthey have bought some ideas from my presentation.

How are you?

Fine/ I’m good thanks, and you?

I’m okay, how are you?

How is your day going?

My day is going okay, and you?

My day is fine, how about yours?

***** If it’s your friends —- be honest

***** If it’s your boss—— lie. (I’m fine thank you, so glad to be here today.  How are you?

My first step

I gave a speech to 40 persons which is the first time I faced so many clients to give a presentation. Before that, I always sat behind my sales colleagues and saw them sell our ideas and strategy at the stage. But this time, I stepped out of my comfort zone and sell my ideas by myself. I know a method said that if you are going to give a 2 hours speech, you have to prepare for 200 hours. So I rehearsed it again and again at home and made my wife and dog be my client. I thought I would be very nervous at that time, but in actuality, I was totally relaxed because I know what I should say in the next second which I rehearsed at least 10times. I was praised by a client director and she also sent a email to thank us, especially me. She said I was the best among today’s agencies, and what I said was her most interesting. I think it is a best first step for me and I will try my best to give wonderful speeches as possible I can.