Open F2F Class notes 3rd August (Eddie)

a news – a piece of news, an article, a news story

highlights = things that stand out

a moral issue =

a moral dilemma =

Catch 22 = a paradoxical situation which cannot be resolved, an impossible situation

vicious cycle = sequence of events which reinforce each other

Recently I read a piece of article which is about China is going to face a big aging population crisis in a near future. In the 1980s, it was a baby boom generation. Firstly, it was not easy to registed/ enrolled in school . And than huge pressure on job competition, consequently, a lot of people will retired at the same period. This is really a issue needs to be think about. Maybe the one child policy was wrong.

Recently I read an article about the fact that China is going to face a big aging population crisis in the near future. The 1980s was the decade of the baby boom generation. Back then it was not easy to registe/ enroll in school and there was huge pressure finding a job. Consequently, a lot of people will retire at the same time. This is a crucial issue which needs to be analyzed thoroughly. Perhaps the one-child policy could do with some rethinking.

The 1980s saw a huge increase in maintenance costs. / The 1980s saw the biggest growth in population […].


thorough = extensive, comprehensive, complete


I could do with food right now. = I would welcome it, it would be beneficial to me

Jimmy Buffett – Overkill