Open F2F Class Notes 2nd March (Raph)[W]


Tense (n): 1- any of the forms of a verb which show the time at which an action happened.
E.g.: “I sing” is in the present tense and “I sang” is in the past tense.

Extend (v): to make something bigger or longer.
E.g.: The company is hoping to extend its market.

Extension Cord (n): 1- a wire that can be connected to the wire of an electrical device to make it longer
E.g.: I used an extension cord in order to reach the power outlet and charge my computer.

Etc. = Etcetera = and so on = ….


Noun = a name of a person, a thing, a place, an animal, etc.
E.g.: table, computer, Elinda, Shanghai, cup, flower, plant, chair, cabinet, school, etc..

Pronoun = a word that we use instead of a noun.
E.g.: I, you, he, she, it, we, they, my, mine them, their, her, his, etc.

Verb = action = anything that you do.
E.g.: to give, to go, to do, to be, to dance, to run, to write, to read, to forget, to know, to remember, etc..

Adjective = a word that describes a noun or pronoun.
E.g.: beautiful, small, big, smart, weird, strange, easy, difficult, ugly, crowded, terrible, good, bad, great.


Practice: /ˈpræk.tɪs/

Machine: /məˈʃiːn/

Weird: /wɪrd/

Writing exercise


I was so happy why/that my old friend told me he will come to Shanghai in last night .
Today,We decided to have dinner get together .But,it was really to difficult for me which restaurant we can go. I checked my phone to find one in da zhong dian ping APP,maybe could help me to choose the best one
Finally, I funded one which closed my office it need 10 minutes of walk /to walk 10 minutes. It’s called “W+S cafe by Napoleon “,I like it very much. I wanted to go to the place when walked the street before. Coz i really like the shop style
I checked it online and found some pictures and I showed them to my friend,he want to go try it he told me last night.
So we decided to go to the place have dinner


I was very happy last night when my old friend told me he was coming to Shanghai . Today we decided to have dinner together, but it was really to difficult for me to choose a restaurant. I checked the Dazhongdianping app on my phone to see if it could help me to choose the best one. Finally, I found one a 10-minute walk away from my office. It’s called “W+S Cafe by Napoleon “. I like the decoration of the place  very much I wanted to go there since I walked by it some time ago
I checked it online, found some pictures and showed them to my friend. He said wanted to go and  try it, so we decided to and have dinner there.