Open F2F Class Notes 29th June (Peter)


The Chinese villages in the past is very poor – the Chinese villages in the past were very poor

Give the baby to raised – give the baby away to be raised

Growed up – grew up

Different with each other’s brothers and sisters – different

Every family hope – every family hopes

China want his own sovereignty – China wants its own sovereignty/China also wants to be sovereign


To give away – to give permanently, 送人

Permanent – forever (adjective)

Maintain – 保持

Contain – 包含

Well-being – the act of being well, 幸福 (noun)

Ex. Some people believe that China cares about Taiwan’s well-being, but others believe that China just wants more land.

Sovereignty – independence, freedom, autonomy, 主权

Campaign – 造势

Deny – to refuse to believe something that is true (verb)

Ex. China denies (is in denial of) the damage it is doing to the environment.

Denial – “to be in denial” means to not believe something that is true (denial is a noun)

Damage – (noun or verb) 损伤

Currency – a country’s money, 货币

Ex. China’s currency is called the renminbi.

Poverty – noun form poor

Stealth – the state of being hidden (noun)

Ex. Soldiers are usually masters of stealth.

Deception – lies, 诈欺

Politics – 政治

Oppressed – controlled against your own will, 被压迫

Reject – say no, 拒绝


The phrase somewhere in between literally means “在中间,” but we use it to mean “a little bit of both.”


Quarrel (KWO-rill)

Permanent (PURR-muh-nint)

Sovereignty (SAW-vrin-tee)

Sovereign (SAW-vrin)

Campaign (cam-PAIN)

Cheat (long “EA” sound as in “eat”)