Open F2F Class Notes 24th July (Jesse)

i dont have things to do / i don’t have anything to do

pronunciation – pro nun see ay shen – 5 syllable / parts

yesterday – yes ter day

syllable -parts of a word


it is acceptable = it is able to be accepted

check – “ehh”

thermos – re shui ping

no / no no no oh actually / or maybe….

However, dogs without owners to care for them lead a different kind of life.( I don’t know how to use another sentences like that)

However, dogs that don’t have owners that care for them, often lead a different kind of life than dogs that do have owners. 

I want a girl to have a date with me / dogs want an owner to care for them. 
There is no one but hopes to be rich.(what is the sentence meaning)

bruise (adj / v / n)
eg. my leg is bruised
eg2. I bruised my leg
eg3. I have a bruise on my leg

buzz (v / n)
eg. i will buzz you up (can you press the button to open the door)
eg2. doing public speaking is a buzz / gives me a buzz

buzzer – the buzzing system for unlocking doors
eg. sorry the buzzer is broken so I will come down and let you in

Here are your apples