F2F Class Notes_28th May (Eddie)

Practice saying     “last night” for the difference between l and n
Lilly likes lollipops
to achieve correct pronunciation of l

we got together – my friends and I went to the same place for an event

hongbao – red envelope    an+vuh+lop

envelope n. – we put money or letters in an envelope
to envelop v. – to cover from all sides

he rate a horse
he rented a house

there have three department in the house
there were three apartments in the house

department – Marketing, Sales, Engineering, IT, etc

– a home in a building with other homes / apartments

he rented an apartment which had three rooms
he rented a three bedroom apartment
I live in a one-bedroom apartment.

– living room
– kitchen
– bathroom
– guest room
– bedroom

a three year old kid

house / apartment / office / building / land = property

Rent is cheaper in Minhang than in the center of Shanghai.

I have three children.

I have two 5-year old girls and one 1-year old boy.

I have Y100.                                                            I have one hundred yuan.
I have two Y50 bills.                                              I have two fifty yuan bills.

I have Y100.                                                             I have one hundred yuan.

I have one Y50 bill, and five Y10 bills.               I have one fifty yuan bill, and five ten yuan bills.

A coupe is a 2-door car.
A sedan is a 4-door car.

2-stroke engine
4-stroke engine