F2F Class Notes12th January (Raph)


Continue writing about your trip to Japan. Upload your writing as an email service or in your next F2F.


Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I’m a penetration tester for a cyber security company.

End up (v): 1- to finally be in a particular place or situation:.
E.g.: They’re traveling across Europe by train and are planning to end up in Moscow.

Specific (adj): 1- relating to one thing and not others; particular.
E.g.: The money is intended to be used for specific purposes.

Unprecedented (adj): 1- never having happened or existed in the past.

The nineties (n): 1- the years between 1990 and 1999
E.g.: The Spice Girls were very famous in the nineties (90s).

Moscow (n): 1- Moscow


(Original – Edited)

Penetration tester is very less. – Penetration testers are very rare.

I’m  tired of keep learning technical things. – I’m tired of learning / studying technical things.

They implement their life. – They live their lives.

At that time I haven’t enough money to fly to Japan. – I din’t have enough money to fly to Japan at that time.


Specific: /spəˈsɪf.ɪk/

Moscow: /ˈmɑː.skoʊ/

Unprecedented: /ʌnˈpres.ə.den.t̬ɪd/