F2F Class Notes (Tony)


excuse (n.) – the reason you did something wrong, maybe a lie

Yara: I couldn’t do my homework because my dog ate my computer.

Tony:  I don’t wanna hear your excuses.

Yara: It’s not an excuse, it is really what happened.

skinny = thin

eg: Is she skinnier than before?

No, she is just taller. Haha

eg: Girls in my class are always skinny.

shadow – the black part, where the light does not reach.

eg: I’m going to create some shadows.

eg: Light makes shadows.

eg: If parents split up children often get stuck in the shadows. The parents don’t pay attention to them.

cheeks – the fatty part of your face

eg: We always put the lighter color on the cheeks to give them depth.

cheek bones

depth –    3D.    1 – Height   2 – Width   3 –  Depth

eg: This will give your cheeks some depth.

eg: you can create depth with shadows and light.

chin – the very bottom part of your face

eg: He is so manly and has a very strong chin.

forehead – above your eyebrows, below your hairline

eg: We’re going to put this on your forehead to lighten it.

T-zone – T zi qu

eg: You have an oily T-zone.

eg: I will put this on your T-zone.


I intended to have a group class / I wanted to have a group class