F2F Class Notes November 24th (Ben)


a pastry 油酥糕点

I am crazy about French pastries.

hospitable = that can give hospitality, that pleases and welcomes guests

Russians are very hospitable and generous to their guests.

The desert is not a hospitable environment for humans.

obstinate = stubborn, that doesn’t change his mind easily

distant = not close

The Earth is distant from the Moon.

People often see me as distant, cold and unapproachable.

rest = to lean on

The ladder is resting on the cube

I rest on you for this project. Be good !

interact 相互影响;相互作用 = if 2 things interact, they have an effect on each other

detachment = not being influenced by feelings (including your own)

Sometimes, you dream big but you still need to stay detached from your dreams. Or else, you will miss on other important things.

Birds of a feather flock together 物以类聚


a wonder = 奇迹

There used to be Seven Wonders of the World.

This kind of test isn’t really meaningful, but it works wonders with the girls.


3rd conditional

If I were them, would I do the same thing ?

The future of the past : would/could/should

I didn’t know there would be a storm. If I had known, I would have taken an umbrella and should have left the office sooner.

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