F2F Class Notes 24th November (Tony)

I’m wearing a lot. of clothes

I’m wearing a lot because it’s so cold today.

layers – one of several items of clothing worn one on top of the other. eg: “I’m not cold because I’m wearing 4 layers.”

during – in an amount of time eg: “During the week, during this month, during the summer, during class.

rush hour – the times of the day when it is very busy and crowded on the streets. from 7am to 9:30am and from 5pm to 7pm. eg: “During rush hour in Shanghai the metro is very crowded.”

Q: Where did you used to work?

A: I used to work in Harbin.

Q: Are you used to Shanghai summers?

A: Yes I’m used to Shanghai(adj) heat.(n)

– It is(v) very hot(adj) in Shanghai during the summer.

Q: Where is your office?

A: It’s at Dalian road station.

Q: Is it crowded near that metro station?

A: Yes, near that metro station it’s crowded.

Q: When did you get your job?

A: I got my first job in 1999. I began my first job in 1999. I began the job I have now in 2012. I got my last job in 2012.

Today my colleague and I assembled a system.

Q: What kind of system did you assemble?

A system used for imaging.

Q: What kind of imaging?

Imaging for cars driving on the highway. To take photos of cars on the highway.