F2F Class Notes November 10th (Ben)


a wardrobe 衣柜


Questions about a verb

  1. present : I eat spicy food.          —> DO YOU ?
  2. past – 时间明确: I ate spicy food yesterday. ———–>DID YOU?
  3. past – 时间不明确 [used with HAVE]: I have already eaten spicy food. ———–> HAVE YOU?

Did you = this morning, yesterday, last night, 2 months ago, when I lived in Beijing

Have you = already, before, never, until now, so far

Have you lived in other cities in China? No, I haven’t.

Have you ever broken a bone? No, I haven’t ever = I have never (broken a bone)

Have you ever told a lie to your parents?

Have you every bullied your sister?

I have already forgotten my mother’s birthday many times.

I have lived in Pudong before.

I have already been abroad. I went to Thailand.

I have eaten strange things before. I ate cheese and chicken.

swim / swam / swum

Have you every swum in the ocean? Yes, I have swum in the ocean. I swam in Thailand.




for many times –> many times

to abroad –> abroad