F2F Class Notes March 5th (Ben) [2]


connect/ disconnect

Teachers are a bit disconnected from common work schedules.

Oh no, the Wi-fi has disconnected.

Writing exercise

Many people say traditional media will die in a few years and new media will be the substitute (of the former).Quite a lot of workers in the media don’t verify the accuracy of the stories but just repeat the unsubstantiated rumors.

As digital technology keeps on developing, mobile devices have sprung in recent years. The equipment we use to get information becomes smaller and smaller, which provides us with more convenience and more opportunities to be connected with the information world.

Actually, a big part of audiences can get information anywhere and (at) any time from the digital media, something that traditional ones couldn’t offer so far.

But not all audiences get informed directly from the media. Quite a significant proportion of people get what they want to know from the opinion leaders’ views, according to the 2-step flow communication model.

However, we shouldn’t be blind to the underlying disadvantages of the modern media even though it has experienced great success so far. Both traditional (media) and modern media severely bang heads against each other. We should look at their development rationally.

  • the = everyone understands which one(s)
  • provide someone with something
  • even = 甚至
  • even though = 尽管
  • even if = 即使

/!\ Careful

Even if it rains, I’ll go = it’s not raining now

Even though it rains, I’ll go = it’s raining now.

We should look at the development of modern media rationally / with no prejudice / from a rational viewpoint / from a rational perspective / from a logical and neutral standpoint / with a clear and unbiased mind.