F2F Class Notes 5th March (Cricket)


What are some of your goals in life? Write a paragraph.


Plateau– a raised flat mountain- can be underwater as well

eg. I used to live on a plateau.

secondhand store– is an already used goods store

eg. Chinese people don’t prefer second-hand things/items.

eg. I prefer second-hand stores because I like to recycle and save money.

pull the plug– can mean to end something or the act of pulling a blockage from a drain

eg. I pulled the plug after I was done taking a bath.

eg. The politicians decided to pull the plug on the tax reform deal.

eg. They didn’t get enough funding for the movie to be made so they pulled the plug.

set of plates– matching plates

eg. I bought a cheap set of plates at the second-hand store.

antique-gu dong

eg. In America you don’t really have to worry about antiques being fake.


We first fly to Jeju-do then fly to mainland- We first flew to Jeju-do, then flew to the mainland.

I don’t let me to go shopping very often. I don’t let myself go shopping very often.

We used to believe there were nine planets, but now there are eight (Pluto is not a planet). Now we may have to change how many continents there are. We are taught there are seven – Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Geologists now say there is an eighth continent – Zealandia. This is a big, largely underwater landmass in the Pacific Ocean. Six per cent of it is above water and is New Zealand and New Caledonia. The rest is under the ocean. It is five million square kilometres, which scientists say is big enough to be a continent.

Geologists explained why Zealandia is a continent in a research paper in the Geological Society of America’s Journal. They argue that the land does not have to be above water to be a continent. They said Zealandia is a continent because of four points: It is a lot higher than the area around it, it has a special geology, it is easy to see its shape, and it is thicker than the ocean floor. A geologist said it would be easy to understand that Zealandia is a continent, “if you could pull the plug on the world’s oceans” and let the water out. It may take time for scientists to agree there are eight continents.