F2F Class Notes December 13th (Thea)


A lot of things comes outa lot of things come to mind

there’s a lot of culture of western countries herethere’s a lot of western culture here

it’s a good place to shoppingit’s a good place to shop/it’s a good place to go shopping

crowd of peoples crowds of people 

good night time viewsThe city view during night is beautiful

gives me a different feelingsgives me a different feeling

Because of the reason of historyBecause of historical reasons

You can drive to Shen Zhen very freedomYou can enter and exit Shen Zhen freely


Zodiac – so di ak

E.g., -The Zodiac doesn’t always match the personality of a person.

psychic – a person who can predict the future

E.g., – He asked the psychic how many children he would have.

rush hour – peak times for people going to and from work

E.g. – During rush hour it’s hard to get a seat on the bus


Active – The opposite is passive

Impulsive – The opposite is calm, mindful, rational, deliberate, someone who considers things carefully before acting