F2F Class Notes (Cricket)


pass out– to lose consciousness(zhijue)

eg. The pain from the injury was so bad that he passed out.

menstruation(medical term)/period(native)-yuejing

eg. Hormones make me get crazy before my menstruation.

eg. I am on my period. I started my period yesterday. Girls get their period every month.

eg. When is the last time you menstruated? formal (Doctor would ask in this way)

eg. When is the last time you had your period? informal

eg. I’m on my cycle(period). I’m having my moon(cycle)-on my moon.

adrenaline– shenshangxiansu-

eg. Exercise is good for you because of the adrenaline.


I will get something from the kuaidi before I go to work.

  1. Peter will read the newspaper tomorrow.
  2. I will go to the cinema next week.
  3. Sara will wash the clothes nest Friday.
  4. I will help you later.
  5. I will send you the information when I get it.
  6. I will call you when I arrive.


menstruation– men-stray-shun

adrenaline– ah-dren-ah-lin