F2F Class Notes 14th May (Tanya) [r]


alien – 外星人

drawer – 抽屉

Needs more review

professional – something that has to do with work

e.g. Do you have any professional experience? (Do you have any work experience?)

temporarily – 暂时

certainly – definitely – 一定

e.g. That’s certain. That’s for sure.

benefit – 优点

replace – 代替

component – part – 部分

positive – 好的 – good

Scientists may soon have a pill to help people who do not exercise. It could also help people who do exercise. The scientists work in California. Their pill could give the same benefits to the body as it gets from running. It could make us healthier, give us a better mood, a healthier heart and a longer life – all with no exercise. The pill increased the health of mice by 70 per cent. This is good news for people who want to exercise more.

The scientists looked at how exercise changes the body. A researcher said: “It’s well known that people can improve their…health through training. The question for us was….Can we replace training with a drug?” He found a component that copies the positive effects of exercise without exercising. The component made the body burn fat instead of sugar. This improves your health to the same level as someone who exercises.





per cent