F2F Class Notes (Celeste) [S]***

Next Class: continue telling the story and edit it. Also, use the new vocabulary in a new story.

Speaking exercise

Try to use: where, every time, deal with,  faint/pass out.

Olivia has studied English for about 8/eight months. Her reading has been improved a lot because she reads here English books every evening. I find she is interested in English very much but there is a problem that she can’t focus on her English book when she is reading.  She just memorises what she learned. So, I try to use a pen to ____ deal with her unfocus. This helps her…


In the winter we wear heavy coats that are usually made of thick material or fabric like wool.

Black tights are thin, light, and breathable.

dyslexia – 诵读困难


These black tights is are not heavy. / These black tights are not thick, they are thin.


hours = ours