F2F Class Notes _9th Jun (Harmony)

Average forest fire from 20 years ago x 10 = todays megafires

500,000/10 = 50000 Acres (twenty years ago)

bungling (bung – ling): to mess something up/ to screw up.

Eg.  The payment depends on what kind of job it is.

Eg.  Depending on the job I will determine what payment is owed.

Eg.  In my point of view/ In my opinion the criteria really should be based on what kind of job it is.

Oxygen tank:  the tank to hold the oxygen (worn on the back)

Fireman’s hose: high pressure water comes out of a big hose.

Hose:  any long device that transports water.

Eg. Garden hose/firemans hose

Hazmat:  short for hazardous materials.

Toxic (tox – ic)

Fireman’s ladder:  a long ladder used by firemen.

Aerial ladder:  the ladder that is attached to the fire truck and extends into the air.