F2F Class Notes _6th Apr (Harmony)

Women (woo – men)

Initiative (in – ish – a – tiv)

Politician (paul – a – tish – an)

Violence (put your teeth onto your lips for the ‘v’)

Situated: to be placed, or located.  To be placed in a particular position.

Ex:  I don’t like my work place situated near the boss.

The train conductor is situated = the train conductor is located

Carriage:  a separate part of a train, each part with a separate entrance.

Ex:  When you enter the stage, you need to find your carriage and get onto it immediately.

Train Platform:  the stage, the waiting area before getting onto a train. 

Assault (a – salt):  physically harmed/harming someone.

Ex:  You can discuss with your colleague, but you can’t assault them.

Ex:  You can argue with your opponent, but you can’t assault them.

Backlash:  to fight back, or to respond angrily.  a strong or violent reaction, as to some social or political change:

Ex:  Resulted in a backlash from female politicians. = It resulted in an angry response from female politicians.

Ex:  If the politician doesn’t make the right decision, it may arouse a backlash from their opponents.

Turning the clock back, and not tackling the problem = Going back in time, rather than solving the issue. 

Tackling (tackle):  to wrestle to the ground, or to knock someone over.

Ex: Tackle the problem – to solve the problem.  (to knock the problem down)

Ex:  I must tackle the sales target.  /   I must hit the sales target.

Ex:  The football player tackled his opponent.

Munchies:  the desire to snack, the desire to munch on some food.

Ex:  I get the munchies late at night.

Crave:  to desire, to want.

Ex:  I crave snacks late at night.

Ex:  I crave attention from my boyfriend.

Ex:  I have a craving to go shopping.

Usual (yoo – zhoo – uhl) – hit all three words separately.

Pleasure (plezh – ure)